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Photography reminds me of what it feels like to revel in the anticipation of something. 

To allow a process to dictate a result.

Each picture, its own path.  The unknown, the hope.

The dance between the lens and a subject. 

Pictures have the ability to capture the essence of life,

document a factual moment or create illusion. 

The viewer's perception is reality. 

To me, photography is magic. 


Natalie Nesser is a Minnesota native.  She has nurtured her passion for photography since childhood. 

Nesser has accumulated an extensive portfolio, from personal portraits to meditative landscapes.  

She romanticizes the classic utility of an old fashioned dark room, the matchless beauty confined to black and white photography yet enjoy's playing with color and mixing in filters. 

Her versatility and attention to detail make her an ideal creative collaborator. 

Nesser has an ongoing infatuation with flowers and is currently exploring the art of compositing, in camera and digitally.  Natalie hopes her work will inspire others, especially women, to "know that doing something you love, just because you love it , is reason enough". Of her own path, she says "I am facing my fears and following my heart".  

She has been living in the San Francisco Bay Area since 1997. 

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