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Finding my brave

I have been building "my photography website" for over 15 years. Every time I finish, I decided it isn't right and start over. Trying a new platform that might serve me better, function better, be easier to manage. If I hear myself saying "working on my website" AGAIN, when asked the question, "what are you doing this weekend?. I think I might spontaneously combust. All the things not done, experienced, shared, created because "I have to finish my website."

It is true, web design can be hard, expensive, frustrating. I have even had friends who have offered to help, but I have never been organized enough to follow through. BUT, the truth of the matter is I don't finish because I am afraid. I use to be brave. I use to take chances, be vulnerable, not worry about what if.... but somehow along the way, I have lost my brave.

This new website has been "finished" for months, and last week I started looking at other platforms that might be better..... ya see the cycle?? .. But last night I sat myself down and said ENOUGH, move on, create some space for something else. There is no magic formula here, I have to make a choice, I can continue to work on my website and hide what lives inside or I can leap and see where I land, I can't live here anymore.

The truth is, the website will never be finished but I have decided it won't be because I am too afraid to share it!! It will be because I desire to create a living, playful place to express things and to have some sort of documentation of my work, for me. To find a community of like minded friends in this time of isolation. And a deeper hope is freedom from the paralysis of fear, inspiration to others to forge ahead, in-spite of the voices in their heads, and an invitation to leap and find our brave.


Have you found your brave? What helps you?

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I've been following your work for years. You have such a unique and special way of capturing life in its simplicity and extravagance!


This totally resonates with me! I can't tell you how many websites I have started for my writing and photography over the years and have yet to be satisfied or brave enough to just publish and go with it. Thank you for the inspiration and helping me to dig deep and find my brave!


Melinda Hall
Melinda Hall
Feb 07, 2021

Baby steps are ok! Just keep putting one foot in front of the other. Things will happen when they're supposed to. Timing is everything.


I think you’re just getting started!

I will look forward to following your brave journey!


If you don’t continue your brave.. you may never find complete... isn’t that how we have resolve when everything around us is Mayhem .... keep the lights on ❤️

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